Petrochemical Core Business

Supplying petroleum downstream
products to both domestic
and overseas market

Large Product Portfolio

Fast growing and our product portfolio includes
Rubber Process Oil (RPO), White Process oil, Base oil,
Dearomatized Solvent and Other specialty oil.

Friendly Assistance

Team of experience and dedicated staff
which has years of researching and
strong market knowledge


Provide technical support,
customer consultation
and effective logistic arrangement.

About Us

Synergy Chemicals Sdn Bhd (SCSB) was established in the year of 2018. Its core business mainly focus on supplying petroleum downstream products to both domestic and overseas market. The company has good relationship with major refineries and partners in this region, which enable us become reputable and reliable supplier of quality products, even at times of product scarcity.
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What we Offer

Synergy-Chemicals is a specialized downstream supplier of chemical products for a wide range of industries.We provide superior functional performance products – both pine chemical and petrochemical.
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Years of Experience


Number of Active Customers


Number of Exported Countries

Why Choose Us?

Production Capacity

Production capacity utilization – over 80%. Highly energy-efficient operation.


Effective Logistic

SYENRGY practices both direct and distributor mediated sales of process oil.Service companies make sure the product is delivered to the end customer.



Shortest response-time to answer the customer’s questions and to solve their problems. Consulting on technical issues, advising on the product (grade) selection